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Universal Tufted Car Mats (5PCs)

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Universal Tufted Car Mats (5PCs)

Material: Nylon Tufted Surface + Anti-Skid Burr Bottom

Universal Fitment: Overlock edge or wrap edge

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The surface of the nylon car mats is made of high quality flame retardant nylon, which is non-pilling, wear-resistant and durable, and the back side is made of anti-slip material. With the advantages of sound insulation, soft, cold-resistant, fire-resistant. The bottom will use non-slip sponge velvet, can effectively ensure that your car floor mats do not slide, to ensure the safety of driving; secondly, nylon car floor mats as eco-friendly products, nothing odorous, does not contain formaldehyde, xylene and other harmful substances. Using advanced technology, moisture is not easy to flow into the blanket surface, but also take away the dust attached to it, ordinary stains with a wet wipe that clean. Don't worry about moldy and peculiar smell when drying, it is easier to take care of than ordinary tufted and easy to clean.

Material PA Weight 1-2kg
Type Car floor mats Thickness 9mm
Packing Plastic bag + Carton Number 1 set


1. Loved by high-end cars and high-end customers
2. The foot feels comfortable, soft and suede
3. Wear-resistant surface, effective sound insulation and noise reduction
4. Resistant to dirt, the surface absorbs dust
5. Easy to take care of, no need to wash, vacuum cleaner sucks the dust
6. The fabric does not absorb water and dries quickly
7. Can be used as mat over a mat
8. Burr bottom, strong grip, good anti-skid
9. Universal Fitment

Universal Tufted Car Mats (5PCs)1
Universal Tufted Car Mats (5PCs)2
Universal Tufted Car Mats (5PCs)001
Universal Tufted Car Mats (5PCs)002
Universal Tufted Car Mats (5PCs)003

Pack and ship

Pack and ship2
Pack and ship3
Pack and ship1
Pack and ship

Finished products

Different sizes of cartons to meets customers requirements.

Packed in carton


1 TPO Harmful substances

1 TPO Harmful substances1
1 TPO Harmful substances2
1 TPO Harmful substances3
1 TPO Harmful substances4

2 Color fastness to rubbing

2 Color fastness to rubbing1
2 Color fastness to rubbing2
2 Color fastness to rubbing3
2 Color fastness to rubbing4

3 TPE Harmful substances

3 TPE Harmful substances1
3 TPE Harmful substances2
3 TPE Harmful substances3
3 TPE Harmful substances4

4 Abrasion Resistance Test

4 Abrasion Resistance Test1
4 Abrasion Resistance Test2
4 Abrasion Resistance Test3
4 Abrasion Resistance Test4

5 Flammability

5 Flammability1
5 Flammability2
5 Flammability3
5 Flammability5

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