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Suede Custom Fit Floor Liners

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Material: double – sided velvet, film processing compound, copy edge or wrap edge technology, can be used for special car mat and general mat.

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Material PET Weight 1-2kg
Type Car floor mats Thickness 8mm
Packing Plastic bag + Carton Number 1 set


1. Economic and environmental protection.
2. Comfortable foot feel, wear resistance, reduce noise.
3. The suede absorbs dust, and the surface is dirt-resistant.
4. Simple cleaning, no need to wash, vacuum cleaner cleaning, saving time and labor.
5. The surface material dries quickly when exposed to water.
6. It can be used as mat over mat.

Suede Custom Fit Floor Liners05
Suede Custom Fit Floor Liners02

Universally used in all types of vehicles

Suede Custom Fit Floor Liners001
Suede Custom Fit Floor Liners002
Suede Custom Fit Floor Liners003
Suede Custom Fit Floor Liners004

A variety of colors are available, and can also be customized according to customer needs.

Suede Custom Fit Floor Liners005
Suede Custom Fit Floor Liners006
Suede Custom Fit Floor Liners007
Suede Custom Fit Floor Liners008
Suede Custom Fit Floor Liners009
Suede Custom Fit Floor Liners010
Suede Custom Fit Floor Liners011


The company has professional technical staff, first-class equipment and advanced production process. In 2013, the company invested new factory of TPE/TPR/TPO/EVA modified/PE modified granule raw materials. So far, Wuxi Reliance Technology Co., LTD has a complete technology and production line from raw material production to semi-finished products and finished products processing and manufacturing. The TPE raw materials and finished products of the floor mats have passed the SGS test of Volkswagen, North American Ford, Daimler-Benz and other standards respectively, and now it has become a stable supporting production enterprise for major OEMs.

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