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OEM Suzuki Health TPE Car Mats Customized to fit all-weather

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Specially designed all-weather car mats for you. Whether it’s hot or cold or near a swampy puddle, you can protect your car.

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Product Detail

Material TPE Weight 3.9kg
Type Car floor mats Thickness 3.5mm
Packing Plastic bag + Carton Number 1 set

The "Customized 3D TPV waterproof car floor mats" are laser measured and designed to fit your car well ensuring 100% of the vehicle floor area is covered. Professional modernization factory can manufacture different pattern mats and your own custom logo according to your requests.

Seven features ensure that it perfectly fulfills the responsibilities of an all-weather floor mat

1. Easy to install: It can be removed and cleaned at any time..

2. Waterproof and dirt-proof: Sculpted deep grooves to collect large amounts of liquid and sediment.

3. Easy to clean: Seamless one-piece molding and non-stick coating treatment, easy to clean.

4.: bottom bayonet design, ensure driving.

5. durable: will not curl, crack or harden in high or low temperatures.

6. environmental protection: environmentally friendly resin does not contain any harmful substances.

7. Precise fit: Each model is laser mapped to achieve a good fit.

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Installation Guide

Increase the life of your upholstery and keep it dirt free with this set of FANDEWEI Car Floor Mats.

This set includes options for both the front and the back of the car, with a sturdy and gridded surface ideal for trapping dirt, snow and mud until disposed of. cleaning is a breeze, and removing excess debris is easy handled by shaking the mat out and giving it a wipe over.

lade from a durable, TPV material this set of four has an anti-slip backing, ensuring it stays in place once installed. This is a universal design which makes it easy to fit, with 3D Laser scan data to ensure a snug and custom fit in a wide range of vehicles. Great for.

4WD adventuring or just protecting your investment for the long run, this set of rubber floor mats will ensure that your interior remains neat and tid.

  • ● WHY CHOOSE Reliance: due to the price and technology, most customers mistakenly choose low-cost car mats that are not safe, occupy space, and are not environmentally friendly, or floor mats made of TPO materials, which cause hidden dangers when driving. We rely on big data to make our products flow directly from manufacturers to consumers. We don't need middlemen to help customers buy high-quality environmental protection floor mats with 100% TPE material injection molding process at low prices.
  • ● SINCERE AFTER-SALES SERVICE SUPPORT: We sincerely tell customers who trust us that. Don't worry about any questions about the product, you can contact us at any time, and you will get an answer within 24 hours. Before placing the order, please check your car model in the Amazon Fitment Filter System in the top left corner, Do not count on year make and model only, please view the Compatability tab including the notes, or send us a message to make sure it matches exactly.



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