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What is TPE material? Is TPE car floor mat really that good?

What is TPE material?

TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) is a kind of thermoplastic elastomer material, which has the characteristics of high strength, high resilience, injection molding, a wide range of applications, environmental protection, non-toxic and safe, and excellent coloring.

TPE can be used in baby products, medical equipment, high-end supplies and so on. Such as baby pacifiers, medical infusion sets, golf clubs, etc., but also suitable for automotive supplies production.


What are the advantages of TPE car floor MATS?

Compared with the traditional leather surrounded car floor mat using splicing, synthetic production process, TPE car floor mat can mold injection molding, eliminate the use of glue and other additives, so that the car floor mat material is not affected by foreign objects, so that no odor, does not stimulate the human body.


Pay attention to distinguish between different processes:

Full TPE automotive floor mat and surface TPE automotive floor mat.

At present, there are not many TPE car floor MATS on the market, but there are two kinds, one is the injection molding full TPE car floor mat, and the other is the surface synthetic TPE car floor mat.

Injection TPE automotive floor mat, as the name suggests, is 100% of the use of TPE material for injection molding, this kind of automotive floor mat is a mold injection molding, high development costs, processing does not need adhesives to use, to ensure the sealing of the car floor mat waterproof and environmental protection.

Surface synthetic TPE car floor mat, is only the surface of the use of TPE layer, the middle or the use of elastic foam layer and other materials, in essence and leather surrounded by no difference, low development cost, by stamping or glue synthesis, unity is not good, synthetic material at high temperature or easy to produce odor.

Therefore, it is recommended to choose a full-TPE car floor mat with integrated injection molding when purchasing.


Note to identify similar name materials:

TPE car floor mat and TPV car floor mat distinguish

In addition, there is a "cottage" TPV car floor mat, and TPE although both are TP beginning but there is an essential difference.

TPE is a thermoplastic elastomer material, which has the high elasticity of rubber and the plasticity of plastic, without vulcanization processing, can maintain the stability of the material, and is not easy to produce odor at high temperatures.

TPV, the scientific name of thermoplastic vulcanized rubber, needs to be vulcanized in the processing process, the finished product is easy to residual chemical mixture, the higher the temperature, the greater the odor, the summer car is easy to high temperature, it is not recommended to TPV car floor MATS.


Finally, TPE car floor MATS are more expensive than traditional silk coils and leather materials, and the process is also better, which is suitable for owners who have requirements for environmental protection in the car.

TPE car floor MATS are also uneven, it is recommended to choose the injection process of full TPE car floor MATS, not recommended surface synthetic TPE and TPV car floor MATS.

Post time: Sep-06-2023