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Relience teaches you how to choose the quality winter car supplies

With the weather getting colder and colder, people start to replace their cars with “winter clothes”. At present, various kinds of car “winter clothing” ushered in the peak sales season. In addition, before entering the winter, car owners have to do maintenance for their cars in advance.
Replace the winter cushions to make the car warmer
It is understood that the weather is getting colder and colder, many car owners sit in the car in the morning feel cool, it takes a long time to get warm. Therefore, car owners want to replace the car with winter cushions. However, in the face of the market for a variety of types of cushions, car owners are unable to choose.
The cushion is the closest to the car owner, therefore, when winter is coming, the first thing that should be replaced is the car cushion. At present, the market cushion many kinds of cushions, mainly including velvet cushion, artificial wool cushion, down cushion, pure wool cushion. Economy car can choose ordinary velvet cushion, cartoon fabric, imitation wool cushion, down cushion and other moderate price, in the high-end car can choose pure wool cushion.
Diligent car wash and wax to make the car more youthful
Many car owners have had the experience that their original bright and beautiful car, only a year or so has shown the old state. Professional analysis, if the body is often not clean, the residue will be attached to the above, after the rain rinse, especially the rain containing acid and alkali, the body paint will be oxidation, discoloration phenomenon. And after the winter, rain and snow in the composition of the car paint has a lot of damage, it is recommended that owners should first keep the body clean, in the case of conditions, you can do waxing glaze treatment for the vehicle, so that the formation of mesh protective film, can resist high temperature, acid and alkali, anti-corrosion.
Professionals, new cars are best to use color coated wax to protect the luster and color of the body, when driving environment is poor, it is more appropriate to use the resin wax with outstanding protection. At the same time, the choice of wax must also be considered to adapt to the color of the car paint. In addition, experts remind car owners, rain and snow weather, such as parked in the open parking lot, it is recommended that the car parked far away from trees, poles; long time parked, it is recommended to put a “coat” for the car to prevent dust and rain erosion.
Check and replace fluids to keep the car warm over the winter
In addition to the body, the car’s fluids should also be different with the change of seasons. For example, glass water, according to the freezing point should be divided into winter use and summer use. Genuine glass water is not as simple as detergent, which has glycol, organic acids and other ingredients, with anti-freeze, in addition to the role of rubber. Especially in winter, the northern car owners friends must use -35 ℃ glass water.
In addition, be sure to check the car antifreeze. Summer air conditioning cooling, compressor, condenser frequently used, late autumn and early winter, A/C of air conditioning is basically not used, so be sure to thoroughly check and clean up all parts of the air conditioning system, especially the condenser, air conditioning filter are easy to store dirty things, resulting in odors in the car.

Post time: Oct-11-2021