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New shipment for Thailand customer

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  The Latin American airline Avianca Cargo announced the renewal of its product portfolio and the introduction of three new speed classes: Priority, Standard and Reserve. According to the official announcement, the new freight service aims to provide customized and flexible services for freight customers.
        “At Avianca Cargo, we continue to transform our business to focus on improving our customer experience,” said Leonel Ortiz, Director of Cargo Development, Avianca Cargo. “We want to offer our customers a variety of on-demand delivery solutions – simpler product combinations and speed levels designed with industry in mind, as well as all of our specialty products such as pharmaceuticals and fresh produce, as well as improved operations. Scheme IATA CEIV.
        The release adds that the speed classes have been developed so that customers can choose the most suitable one according to their needs. “Guaranteed priority transportation on scheduled flights, ideal for urgent transportation of products such as pharmaceuticals, perishables, valuables, human remains and live animals. The standard is a balance between urgency and cost, ideal for everyday product transport. a solution designed for general cargo with flexible delivery times.”

Post time: May-10-2023