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How to Maintain TPE Car Floor Mats


We are a professional TPE mat supplier, producing both custom floor mats and universal car floor mats.

The most dirty part of our car is the car floor mat. The floor mats that we step on the soles of the feet every day are definitely dirty. If it rains again, the sewage and sand will make a mess of the floor mats. Long-term dirt will not only greatly shorten the service life of the floor mats, but also may seep into the suede of the original car floor and cause a lot of mold in the car.

TPE is an environmentally friendly material, similar to rubber, and has better wear resistance than wire loops and leather. The old floor covering has interlayers and gaps, so it cannot be washed directly with a water gun, as it is prone to water seepage and mildew, so it can only be wiped slowly with a towel, which is very troublesome to take care of. But this kind of TPE car mat can be washed directly with a water gun, because it is integrally formed and can be waterproof. After rinsing, the dust and sand on the surface of the mat can be cleaned, which is very convenient.

TPE has high elasticity and toughness, so it can be restored after being squeezed and deformed during transportation. It can be placed in the sun, and the TPE will return to its original shape when heated. It can also be soaked in hot water or splashed with boiling water, which can also be restored.

TPE car mats Keep the floors clean and fresh. The all-weather floor mats suit the vehicle perfectly with a custom design of raised edges and is precision-engineered to protect your precious car from water, sand, dirt, mud, snow, spills, etc. No unusual scent, 100 percent recyclable, and free of cadmium, lead, latex and PVC.


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Post time: Dec-12-2022