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How to install the car fender

Sometimes when the lot is bad and it happens to have just rained, the car owner’s car will often splash some mud and sand when driving, making the car look especially dirty, so many car owners will mostly choose to install fenders on the car? So what is the method of fender installation?
Car fender is also called mud rubber plate, as the name suggests is used to block off the ground when driving splashed with sludge, can be said to a certain extent to ensure that the body of clean, so owners know the car fender installation method? This article will give you a brief introduction.
Fender in layman’s terms, in fact, is installed on the outside of the car wheel frame behind a plate structure, according to the material points, can be divided into metal fender, cowhide fender, plastic fender and rubber fender, but because most car owners are seeking economic and durable materials, so rubber fender is used by many car owners.
There are many benefits to installing fenders on a car, not only to keep the body clean to a certain extent, but also to prevent the splash of small stones hitting the body of the car, causing some damage to the paint.It is important to note that the owner of the car before installing the fender to be sure to buy the fender to the same car model. So that the installation effect will achieve the degree of satisfaction of the owner.
As long as the right method of installation can also be very simple, first of all, the owner needs a preparation tool, with a flat screwdriver, cross screwdriver and matching self-tapping screws. Owners can see in the fender with parts there is a fixed rear fender iron clips, then the installed iron clips on the rear fender in front of the unloaded screw hole, fixed with a plum screwdriver on it, so that you do not have to punch a hole in the body and the fender fixed in the body of the car. Other screws can only be hard to the liner screw, if not good screw, you can first use an ordinary self-tapping nail to make a hole. The rest of the steps are very simple, the owner just need to follow the steps to complete it. It should be noted that do not blindly believe in some repair store staff said, think if the installation must be removed from the tire, this method is the wrong way, this need to pay attention to the car owner.

Post time: Oct-27-2021