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AAPEX exhibition ended successfully


AAPEX It is the world’s largest automotive after-sales product industry display platform, which symbolizes the global automobile after-sales market of over one trillion US dollars. One of the industry trade fairs, highlighting the automotive aftermarket and car care products. As the most effective trade exhibition in the auto parts industry in the Americas, during the AAPEX exhibition, you can get in touch with the most advanced industry technologies from around the world and industry trend analysis by experts every year.

Our company’s products made a wonderful appearance at the exhibition, attracted the attention of the exhibition guests with excellent product advantages, fully demonstrated our own brand strength, and gathered the focus of the audience.

We are a professional TPE mat supplier, producing both custom floor mats and universal car floor mats.

The exhibition has ended successfully. Our company will not forget the original intention and provide you with better services and products.

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Post time: Nov-05-2022