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What kind of car mats off-road enthusiasts need?

Car floor mats are essential interior items in most daily driving, and also bear the heavy responsibility of anti-slip and protecting the body when off-road. The traditional leather car mats are generally waterproof and cannot carry mud and water when off-road. At the same time, the poor flexibility of leather, in the intense driving under the risk of deformation and stuck pedals, and not suitable for use in off-road. Therefore, there are also manufacturers for cross-country rally and commercial development of supporting car mats, BMW has for the mini with a special waterproof TPE mats, and in the Dakar Rally debut.

TPE car mat development process is the earliest from the BMW Group, by matching the model’s special mold, the car mat injection molding, TPE car mat has good weather resistance and flexibility, can adapt to the extreme environment of driving needs. This feature mainly comes from the characteristics of the raw material – TPE thermoplastic elastomer material.

TPE is currently an internationally recognized environmental protection material, mainly used in baby products, medical equipment, light luxury goods and other fields, such as baby pacifiers, golf clubs, etc., with excellent process ability and environmental protection. Used to develop car foot mats, can have a waterproof comparable to rubber foot mats, while environmentally friendly and odorless, TPE can withstand temperature differences of -25 ° -75 °, can adapt to the harsh environment of high and low temperatures when off-road!

At the same time, the waterproof and easy to take care of characteristics are also popular among car owners, through the mold injection molding TPE car mat will not leave seams, the surface can be designed with special anti-slip pattern and dirt storage channel, off-road mud and sand brought by the sole will be blocked in the surface, just flush with a water gun to clean up!

The material has better abrasion resistance compared to leather, and is not easily deformed in long-term driving, with the original car buckle fixing, can maximize the protection of off-road driving safety! This off-road all-weather TPE car mats, with its excellent durability and environmental protection, occupy the main auto supplies market in Europe and the United States, has become the standard for foreign car owners.

Post time: Sep-08-2021