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Three steps to buy high safety car mats

Whether the car mats are good or not, on the one hand, depends on the material, appearance, etc., the most important is the safety performance! Car mats which is considered good, most people may feel that as long as the line of good-looking, car mats, although small, but if not properly selected, will indeed leave a considerable hidden danger, today we will talk to you about the three steps to choose a high safety factor car mats.

Whether it is easy to slide?
If the car mat is too big or too small, it will be easy to cause the braking process in the shift, if this time your pedal is stuck or hooked by the mat, it may cause a traffic accident. Imagine, when you are driving on the highway, because of the movement of the foot pad, resulting in your failure to pick the brakes in time, the probability of a traffic accident is not beaten to increase?
Car mats company technical expert said: General car mats are easy to slide, the first reason is the size of the mats is not suitable, the second reason, the ordinary car mats are flat bottom, such a bottom itself is easy to cause sliding, so, when choosing, it is best to have a snap, or the bottom has a non-slip soft nails, so much safer.

Whether it contains toxic substances, whether there is an odor, whether it is flammable substances. See if the selected car mats have odor, the smell is too thick will directly affect the driving mood. So in the selection of materials should choose those odorless, and has a multi-layer high-quality environmental protection shock absorption sound insulation materials, sometimes because the accidental fall of cigarette butts fire, to pay attention to! Not only does it feel comfortable, but it also protects the original car suede in all aspects, saving the trouble of dis-assembly and installation.

Easy to clean
Choose those rubber mats like the original car surrounded by three-dimensional high side design, not only can effectively prevent dust from entering the floor rubber, and easy to clean, scrub with a wet cloth or rinse with water can be.

Post time: Sep-08-2021