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Is it necessary to install a car seat cover?

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Is it necessary to buy a car seat cover?

Whether it is necessary to install a car seat mat depends on the personal preferences and wishes of the car owner. Installing a seat mat cover on the car can reduce the wear and tear of the seat and prolong the service life of the original seat. In addition, some car owners buy seat mats to make the vehicle more beautiful, especially some cars were originally woven seats, which are not resistant to dirt. In this case, using seat cushions can avoid soiling the original seat.

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However, we must also pay attention to the consideration from the safety point of view, because many vehicles are now equipped with airbags, some of which are directly installed in the seat. If the owner covers the seat, then in the In the event of a traffic accident, the airbag cannot be popped up normally. From this point of view, it is necessary to be careful when installing a car seat cover.

In addition, whether to install a car seat cover, there is another problem to be considered, that is, the friction coefficient. Now there are some materials on the market that have a particularly smooth surface. In an emergency, the friction coefficient of the seat mat is relatively low. If the brakes or the accelerator are not applied properly, it is easy to throw people out, and the original seat cover has a sufficient coefficient of friction.

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