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How to clean TPE floor mats?


We are a professional TPE mat supplier, producing both custom floor mats and universal car floor mats.

TPE material is suitable for maternal and child products and medical fields, because TPE material does not require additives and does not contain formaldehyde during processing, and the floor mat can be made without odor and formaldehyde, so it has become a new generation of environmentally friendly floor mat.

The surface of the TPE floor mats can adsorb dust and stains in the surface diversion groove. The material is waterproof and can withstand temperatures of -50°~75°. Therefore, it can be soaked in warm water, and the warm water can directly wash off the attachments on the surface. However, you can usually wash it with water. If there are hard-to-wash stains, you can soak it in warm water. After washing, you can shake it vigorously, dry the water stains, and put them in a ventilated place to dry.

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Post time: Sep-16-2022