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How to choose the perfect PVC car mats for your car

There are a lot of good and bad people in the market. The price difference ranges from tens of yuan to thousands of yuan. All kinds of materials are diverse, and there is no technical content to choose. It is easy to be confused by all kinds of fancy publicity of merchants. The author will popularize some practical skills and safe car mats for readers to buy car mats.

Rubber 5pc Set Heavy Duty All Weather Protection PVC Car Floor Mats Front & Rear for Car SUV Truck Van

The choice of foot mats depends on the size and specification first. Each car will have the corresponding original foot mats. However, due to the high price and single color of the original PVC car mats, which can not meet the needs of consumers, many consumers often choose to buy them by themselves. First, choose and buy according to the size, shape, specification and other parameters of their own model. You can also measure the size of the original foot mats to meet the requirements of complete and firm installation on the car floor, If the size is too large or too small, it will lead to the displacement of the foot pad and lead to major safety hazards that may hook the brake and accelerator pedal. In addition, the newly purchased foot pad is not the original supporting product, which may lead to the change of the ground thickness in the car, and the feeling of foot controlling the accelerator and brake will be very different.


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Post time: Jun-01-2022